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Are you looking for high-quality meat? Look no further than Woods Butchers in Farnborough where we have the range and quality you’re looking for, and the old-fashioned service to go with it.
​Established in Farnborough in 1992, Woods Butchers is a family run business with a focus on providing high quality meat with a friendly, personal service.
​All our meat is cut from whole carcasses on the premises, which means it keeps better, ages better and above all, tastes better. Doing things this way means our expert team can use their knowledge of butchery to carve, slice, dice and chop the meat into any cut you desire.
​Call today on 01252 377443 and speak to one our expert butchers or alternatively send an email to headbutcher@woodsbutchers.com or message us on Facebook. .

Our Team

Our Team

Hi Im Rob the owner of Woods Butchers.
Hi Im Darren the shop manager of Woods Butchers
Hi Im Ben Assistant Butcher and Social Media Manager
Hi Im Richard Head Butcher at Woods Butchers

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